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Big Island Tours and Activities

CALL Big Island Discount for all your Big Island Activities and Big Island Tours toll free at 866-482-9775 with any Questions! Here’s a fun piece of trivia for you trivia nuts! Did you know that every winter the peak of Mauna Kea gets a dusting of snow? Mauna Kea is the volcano located on our beautiful island, Hawaii otherwise known as Big Island!

Once you’ve booked your Hawaiian trip, it’s time to reserve all of your Big Island Tours for your Hawaii Vacation. Whether you are looking for premier Big Island Helicopter Tours or you want to relax on your Big Island Vacation with a few laid-back Big Island Activities, you save here with our Kona Big Island discounts! With the ease our website has, we let you relax when planning your Kona Vacation while you can save on all of your Kona Activities or Kona Tours! We understand it’s expensive to vacation in Hawaii, that’s why we create the savings for your Hilo trip.

With any of the Big Island Activities we offer, you can be assured of great service and a friendly smile as we work to save you money for any of the Kona Activities you plan for your Hawaii Vacation. Whether you want to relax and take one of our leisurely Big Island Tours or you’d rather have a challenging Big Island Vacation and challenge yourself and your endurance with our Big Island Tours, it’s easy to discover history and appreciate the beauty and serenity the Big Island is known for! If you prefer to fly over our island, you can charter one of our Big Island Helicopter Tours or enjoy Kona Big Island peace by relaxing on our white sandy beaches or explore our black sand beaches. Any of your Kona Tours you opt for, you know you’re in good hands with the mixture of experience, positive attitude and cheeriness we bring to each of our customers! After all, our customers are all part of our Ohana! Remember, while planning your Kona Vacation, you will always receive a big Aloha and Mahalo from us!

The Background Behind The Name
Hawaii is the largest of the islands in the Hawaiian chain, thus it’s nickname is Big Island although officially it’s known as Hawaii. The legendary home of Pele, the Polynesian goddess of volcanoes, it’s also the youngest of all of the islands being only half-million years old. Hawaii has two reasons behind the name: it was said to be named after the Polynesian who discovered the islands: Hawaiiloa; as well as it being named after the realm where Polynesians go when the pass on from their earthly plane- Hawaiki. Either way, the fabled history helps the Big Island live up to its mystical reputation.

The GEOS of Big Island (Geography and Geology)
At 93 miles, our island is definitely the largest of the entire archaeplango and with each volcanic eruption, we keep expanding! Although dormant, Mauna Kea has been designated as the world’s tallest mountain by the Guinness Book of Records. Yes, a volcano has managed to surpass Mt. Everest as the tallest from base to peak! Big Island has a total of five volcanoes which calls it home; two of which are dormant (Mauna Kea and Hualalai), two which are very active (Mauna Loa and Kilauea) and one which is very extinct (Kohala). We are known as the southernmost island of the chain and the southernmost point in the United States!

The Big Island is always active and a haven for geologists who come to study our volcanic formations. Although we occasionally have hurricanes, the last major earthquake and tsunami we had was back in 1975, causing numerous damage to buildings, towns and property across Hawaii.

The Black Sand Beaches of Big Island
Big Island is known for our black sand beaches. This is caused by the ever present lava flow from Kilauea drifting into the ocean. When the lava makes contact with the ocean, steam erupts and causes the lava to suddenly cool into lava rocks. The suddenness of the rock formation causes the lava rocks to explode and crack into smaller pieces, eventually being ground into the fine sand commonly found on our island.

Big Island Climate
We’ve got eleven different climates- more climates than any of the continental states! We range from lush rain forests, arid deserts to snow-capped volcanoes! With this many pleasing climates, we offer more activities than any other Hawaiian island. Our temperatures remain comfortably in the 70s and 80’s year round, although they may differ a bit when you visit the different climates of our volcanoes so you might want to pack a light jacket for your Big Island vacation.

Pele- Goddess of Volcanoes
It is said in Polynesian lore, Pele, the powerful Goddess of Volcanoes, has formed a residence within Kilauea Volcano, which is the reason why Kilauea is as active as it is today. Since 1983, Pele has never let Hawaiians forget she’s in residence with her nonstop eruption and lava flow.

Big Island History

Since 1778, when Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands (he was subsequently killed by natives in 1779), Big Island’s history has been ongoing.  The most well known and beloved Hawaiian chief- King Kamehameha- united the Big Island and then the rest of the chain in 1791. After a brief move to Oahu, he moved his court back to Big Island where he died in 1819.

Since the mid- 1800’s, missionaries, laborers and cowboys came to settle our beautiful island. In fact, Parker Ranch, our most well known Hawaiian ranch was created and thus became one of the largest working cattle ranches in the United States. Between our sugarcane plantations and the work of dedicated missionaries, the Big Island grew to be the cultural spot it’s known as today.

The Hawaiian Language
English is widely spoken on all of our islands but Hawaiian is the official language! Unfortunately, the native language is slowly dying but with the help of official language schools called Punana Leo and the use of Hawaiian Creole, it’s making a rebound.

Kona Coffee, Macadamia Nuts and Orchids
Hawaii is international renowned for our sought after Kona coffee, a delectable treat and one most people bring back home with them! As well as our coffee- which is offered at every resort and restaurant on our island- we are also known for sweet Macadamia Nuts. There are so many different varieties of orchids which grow on our beautiful island, it’s earned us another nickname as well as Big Island – we are known as the Orchid Isle! If you are looking for other Big Island Activities or Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours on other Hawaiian Islands be sure to check out for the best Hawaiian Attractions and Sightseeing on the Hawaiian Islands.

Big Island Accommodations

When you’re ready to take that dream, Big Island Vacation, consider a timeshare rental to save money on your accommodations. With over 20 Big Island Hawaii timeshares to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect resort and pay less than a typical hotel room, often up to half off. Plus, timeshares offer more space than hotels and typically come with full kitchens and laundry facilities. Timeshares are great for family travel and large groups on a budget and you’ll find them on the Big Island of Hawaii as well as Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Molokai.

Big Island Activities

With so many different activities offered, we’ve earned a reputation as the most family friendly island on the chain! You can play it safe and stick close to the coastlines and beaches but if you do, you’re sure to miss out on some of the beauty and excitement which the Big Island is well known for! From Swimming with the dolphins to Mauna Kea Summit Tours, we offer something for every tourist’s taste and budget! We also understand the need for excitement and diversity on every trip which is why we try to tailor your vacation plans to your needs; not to what sells the best! One of the Big Island Activities not listed are the Big Island Zipline Tours in Hawaii. If you need transportation a great site with low prices is Hawaii Car Rentals.

Big Island Hawaii ATV Tours - Whether you’re attracted to the rugged landscape which makes up Big Island or you want to experience a new way of touring, an offroading trip through one of our outfitters helps you see a new side behind Big Island!

Big Island Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing - If you’re being drawn to the lure of catching that big fish on your Hawaiian vacation, you’re sure to invoke even sports fisherperson lurking in all of us! Whether you want to catch a tuna or mahi mahi, all of our Deep Sea Fishing Charters are well equipped to suit all of your needs.

Big Island Hawaii Dinner Cruises - We offer dinner cruises to fit all of your whims; whether you want to take the entire family on a last night dinner celebration or you want to start off your Hawaiian Honeymoon with a romantic sunset sail, we offer the best in premium beverages, meals and entertainment for you to relax and enjoy the night away!

Big Island Hawaii Eco Tours - All of our Eco Tours are both educational and relaxing; giving you an opportunity to be the better tourist by showing respect for the environment you’re learning about while learning about the flora and fauna which makes up the Big Island.

Big Island Hawaii Submarine and Glass Bottom Boat Rides - Both our submarine and glass bottom boats give you the chance to see the reefs you wouldn’t normally see unless you went diving. From the safety and comfort of your seat, you can admire the marine life around you as you learn about the wildlife under the water.

Big Island Hawaii Helicopter Tours - With our nonstop volcanic eruption, dazzling night life and brilliant green rainforests dipping into arid deserts, Big Island offers the best viewing even from the air when you book one of our helicopter tours.

Big Island Hawaii Horseback Riding - The Big Island is well known for its beautiful cattle ranches and and changing landscapes which make horseback riding both a thrill and a challenge for riders of every skill!

Big Island Hawaii Kayaking - The only way to see the best spots on the Big Island are by kayak! Our adventures appeal to kayakers of all skill levels and ages!

Big Island Hawaii Land Tours - With so many different landscapes to travel from, the best way to see all of the Big Island is by vehicle! If you don’t want to rent your own automobile, book a land tour and find out why we call the Big Island; the Big Island.

Big Island Hawaii Lei Greetings - Why not start off your Hawaiian vacation with tradition and have a beautifully customized Lei Greeting waiting for you and your tour group when you arrive at the airport? All of our Lei Greetings are guaranteed fresh and because we personalize each one; we request plenty of prior notice before your arrival! Be sure to order your Kona Airport Lei Greeting when you arrive at the Kona Airport.

Big Island Hawaii Luaus - The history of the Big Island is a fantastic one and each of our Luaus exemplifies this in their own personalized programs. Whether you want a beachside celebration or something more intimate, you can’t have a Big Island vacation without participating in a luau.

Manta Ray Night Snorkeling - This is one of the most surreal experiences for the experienced snorkeler to participate in. Working in tandem with divers, you lure the manta rays close with the promise of food then observe them as they feed off the plankton.

Mauna Kea Summit Tours - Exploring Mauna Kea and its towering majesty is one of the highlights of your Hawaiian vacation! Where else can you visit the world’s tallest mountain in a tropical setting, wearing only a light jacket? With several tours to choose from, the summit tours appeal to everyone in your tour group.

Big Island Hawaii Snorkeling - Big Island has such a diverse landscape, we have numerous hidden swimming areas and reefs which appeal to snorkelers of all skill levels. Snorkel with the tropical fish and learn about the fragile ecosystem surrounding our islands.

Big Island Hawaii Snuba - SNUBA is a cross breed between snorkeling and scuba diving. This is the best compromise for those who love to snorkel yet want to see deeper depths of the reefs!

Big Island Hawaii Sunset Sailing - Hawaii and romance are interchangeable! When you choose to charter your own sunset sailing package, you have the opportunity to share a glass of champagne with your own private party, our experienced captain and crew at your ready to meet all of your own romantic needs.

Big Island of Hawaii Surfing - The Big Island is slowly emerging as one of the world’s premier spots for surfing. With such a huge variety of locations on one island, the swells are sure to please every surfer of every skill level. The best time to surf our island is in the early morning or evening hours when the prevailing winds have died down.  Ask one of the natives you see riding the waves which are the best spots to surf or book a surfing activity with us where we’ll take you directly to some of the choice waves!

Swim With Dolphins - Swimming with dolphins has been called the most peaceful and serene experience you can have! This once in a lifetime change to play with wild dolphins is an opportunity to truly appreciate nature as it’s meant to be.

Big Island Hawaii Whale Watching - Whether you’re on the Big Island for fun or adventure, whale watching tours give you a chance to watch the humpback whales as they break the water surface to play, talk and migrate to their winter playground- Hawaii!

Ziplines in Hawaii  - Imagine soaring through the lush forest canopy of the Big Island suspended from a cable! If you are looking for thrilling adventure and unparalleled excitement, this is the Big Island activity for you.

Big Island Hawaii Sunsets
Nowhere on earth, will you find sunsets which can match the Big Island’s in its red fiery splendor! Known for the "vog" (a cross between the fog and the vapors released by Kilauea) mix together to tint a normally beautiful sunset a brilliant red- giving the appearance of the sun setting the horizon on fire.

Big Island Romance
Whether you’re looking to plan that perfect fairy tale wedding or rekindle the flames which drew you two together, our island is the perfect setting for all of your romantic getaways! From a lei greeting at the airport to sharing a bottle of fine wine while watching one of our spectacular sunsets doesn’t lure you than maybe taking a walk hand in hand on our beaches or walking through our tropical forests, inhaling various floral fragrances might!

Make the Big Island your ideal setting for your dream Hawaiian vacation and you won’t regret it. Whether you’re planning your Big Island Vacation for a romance or to bring your family closer, we’ve got all of your Big Island Activities in one convenient location. We’re here to answer all of your questions regarding Big Island Tou, Hilo or Kona Activities! Don’t just limit your Kona Vacation to tanning on the beach when there’s so much more to Kona Big Island than meets the eye! Whether the thought of chartering one of our Big Island Helicopter Tours excites your sense of adventure or taking one of our stunning Kona Tours, we’re here to help create the best Big Island Vacation for you to envision! Be sure to visit our sister sites if you are going to other islands there is a site for Kauai Activities, Oahu Activities, and Tours in Maui.

Kona Big Island is known more than coffee -  it’s known for Big Island Activities! Whether you choose our Kona Tours of sugar plantations or want to view the differing landscapes which make up the Big Island with our Big Island Helicopter Tours, participating in our Kona Activities is easier than ever. We offer a wide variety of Big Island Tours which run the gamut from land to the sea and all of our selections for your Big Island Vacation is sure to please even the pickiest tourist. If your idea of a Hawaii Vacation is to sit by the water or visit Hilo, you can do it in style with any of our Kona Vacation ideas!

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