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Big Island Kona Hawaii Traditional Lei Greeting

Cigar leis & Deluxe Tuberose leis require at least 4 days notice for Big Island.

2018 Arrival Dates Call In Special!
If selecting a 2018 Arrival Date, call us at 866-482-9775 to get a special discounted rate!  This does not apply to the Deluxe Tuberose Lei.

What better way to begin your Hawaiian vacation than with a Hawaii Lei Greeting at the airport? A Kona Lei Greeting  is a great way to start your vacation on the Big Island. Hawaiian Leis are a huge tradition in Hawaii so why not book your Hawaii Airport Lei Greeting today?  Select any of our customized Big Island Kona Hawaiian Leis to have that perfect Lei in Hawaii waiting for you!  An Aloha Hawaii Lei is a wonderful way to greet you and your party at the airport.  Hawaii Flower Leis are a unique memento of your Hawaiian vacation so begin your vacation with a Lei in Hawaii.  Big Island Kona Lei Greetings are a tradition like no other with generously laced flower Hawaiian Leis!  Look for our designated airport greeter waiting for you with a Lei in Hawaii and a custom-made greeting sign.  Leis of Hawaii and a Hawaii Lei Greeting will start your vacation off right!  Book your Hawaiian greeting with an Aloha Hawaii Lei and Hawaii Flower Leis today!  Save on Leis of Hawaii and say Aloha Hawaii Lei when you use BigIslandDiscount.com!  Nothing says Aloha like a Lei in Hawaii with a Hawaii Lei Greeting and Hawaiian Leis.

Whether you want a Hawaii Airport Lei greeting or another type of Hawaii Lei Greeting, we indulge your imagination with our different Leis of Hawaii. Whether you want to be greeted with one of our Hawaii Flower Leis or a Candy Lei, choose one of our Aloha Hawaii Lei greetings as a wonderful way to start your Hawaiian vacation to the Big Island with Hawaiian Leis!  Our Hawaiian Leis are all freshly created and impressive; get a warm start to your adventure with Hawaii Flower Leis.  Choose a Hawaii Airport Lei Greeting today with the various Leis of Hawaii!

Information about Kona Lei Greetings

The Lei in Hawaii is the state symbol to millions of visitors worldwide, thus the popularity of a Hawaii Airport Lei Greeting.  Leis of Hawaii were first introduced to Hawaii by early Polynesian voyagers who arrived from Tahiti navigating by the stars in sailing canoes. The tradition became popular and early Hawaiians began to wear leis to distinguish themselves from others and to beautify themselves.

Back when boats were the only way to reach Hawaii, lei vendors lined the pier at Aloha Tower to welcome visitors to the islands and locals as they returned home. Departing visitors threw their lei into the sea as their ships passed Oahu's Diamond Head in the hopes that like the lei, they would  some day return to Hawaii.

Air travel makes visiting Hawaii much quicker, and a traditional flower lei greeting is a warm, wonderful way to begin a Hawaiian vacation and bring back the nostalgia of old Hawaii. Our leis are made with Dendrobium Orchids, Plumerias,Carnations,  tuberose or combination of these flowers. The type of flower used on any lei is subject to season and availability.Big Island Kona lei Greetings are great for anyone!

Please look for your friendly island greeter standing just outside of the baggage claim area at the Kona International Airport. He or she will be wearing a purple and white uniform and holding a welcome sign personalized with your name or group name

A warm wave and a sunny smile will greet you as you arrive at the airport, your greeter throws a Aloha Hawaii Lei around your neck and you smell the fragrance drifting up from the flowers of the Hawaii Airport Lei you’ve chosen to be greeted with weeks earlier. Selecting a Hawaii Airport Lei greeting is the best way to start off your Hawaiian vacation.  The hardest part is choosing which of the Leis of Hawaii you want to be greeted with! Each of our Hawaii Flower Leis are handmade with the best flowers found which helps us earn the distinction of having the best Hawaii Lei Greetings around. Why not keep your lei as a memento of the beginning of your trip to the Big Island.

All of our Hawaii Lei Greetings are created with you in mind; this is why it’s important to book your Hawaii Airport Lei greeting early. With all of our Leis of Hawaii, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship, and constructing a last minute Aloha Hawaii Lei doesn’t reflect the best we can offer for your planned Hawaii Flower Leis. All of our Hawaiian Leis are created with you in mind; so if you want to start your Hawaiian trip off memorably, select a Hawaii Airport Lei Greeting with us and save!

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 Kona Lei GreetingStandard Lei
 Hawaii Airport LeiSuperior Lei
 Leis of HawaiiDeluxe Lei
 Aloha Hawaii LeiTuberose Lei
 Hawaii Flower LeisTuberose Mix Lei
 Hawaiian LeisDeluxe Tuberose Lei
Lei in HawaiiCigar Lei
Lei in HawaiiTi Lei
Lei in HawaiiKukui Nut Lei
Lei in HawaiiKukui Bracelet
Where and When:
Kona Airport when your flight arrives. Look for a welcome sign personalized with your name or group name as you exit the terminal, prior to entering the baggage claim area.
Leis can be shortened for children upon request. Please call or make a notation next to the recipients name for the request.

There are no specific restrictions for this activity
Special Notes:
If ordering within 2 days of arrival there is a $15 charge per party (not per person). Only "Standard" Leis are available when ordering within 2 days of arrival.

Operation Days:
Big Island Lei Greetings are available 24 hours a day and for any flight into Kona.
Hawaii Flower Lei
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