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Atlantis Adventures Submarines in Kona Hawaii

Atlantis Submarines are offered on the Big Island of Hawaii and is the top-rated company for Kona Submarine Tours. Atlantis Submarines in Kona is proud to be recognized as the largest provider of tourist attractions on the Hawaiian Islands. Beautiful scenery and marine-life play host to our flagship tourist offering- the Atlantis Submarine underwater adventure – these Submarines feature the most technologically advanced vessels of their kind. View fascinating natural and artificial reefs in air-conditioned comfort, a perk to this great tour!

Big Island Discount offers Kona Submarine Tours through Atlantis so you can receive discounted rates on these Big Island Activities.

Come take a journey beneath the waves with Atlantis Submarines and allow us to show you a side of Kona that you can’t see any other way. Treat your family to Kona’s most beautiful and captivating scenery, habitats, and isolated treasures that only Kona Submarine Tours can take you to.

Atlantis Submarines- Kona Submarine Tours


-10-minute boat ride to and from the Atlantis dive site

- Offers great scenery and spectacular views (photo-op) of historic Kona and Town’s magnificent coastline

- Board the Atlantis Submarine in Kona and descend 100 feet into another version of paradise-- one that has been hidden for people for centuries

- On the Atlantis Submarines you will see an 18,000-year-old, 25-acre fringing coral reef, which boasts a vibrant ecosystem

- View coral formations and tropical fish

Aboard the Kona Submarine Tours there is an expert narrator that will inform you of everything from the formation of the Hawaiian Islands to many species of marine life unique to the Hawaiian waters.

Details of Atlantis Submarines in Kona Vessel:

The Atlantis is a 65-foot, 48-passenger, air-conditioned submarine with 26 large 2-foot diameter side view ports and an extra large 53" front view port. Atlantis submarines will take you to depths up to 100 feet!

So come explore our majestic coastal waters off the Kailua-Kona Pier, and take part in this unforgettable experience that can only be found with Kona Submarine Tours! Atlantis Submarines in Kona and Big Island Discount look forward to seeing you soon in Kona, Hawaii!

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